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źRussian Fishing Endurance — 2008╗

The all-Russian 12-hours fishing team competition


Time and place of the event

źRussian Fishing Endurance 2008╗ will be held on 12th-14th of September 2008 on one of the lakes of St. Petersburg region. Exact place of the competition will be announced on 11th of September 2008 at 02-00 p.m. at the home page of the official źRussian Fishing Endurance 2008╗ website -

Arrival date: 12th of September 2008 till 02-00 p.m.
Qualification round date/time: (quickest preparation of inflatable motor-and-rowing boat YAMARAN B360): 12th of September 2008 at 05-00 p.m.
Competition date/time: 13th of September 2008 from 07-00 a.m. till 07-00 p.m.
Departure date: 14th of September 2008

The competition

The competition is to be held between 30-40 fishing teams. The participants will fish by spinning tackle, trolling or fly fishing tackle, using imitation lures only. Every team will be provided with inflatable motor-and-rowing boat YAMARAN B360, powered by outboard motor YAMAHA F20BMHS.

Durance of competitions is 12 hours, divided into 4 laps. Durance of each lap is 3 hours, but the handicap is possible.
Before the main competition on the lake, the participants should pass through the qualification round. The Qualification round is a competition for quickest preparation (assembling and inflation) of the inflatable motor-and-rowing boat YAMARAN B360. The results of qualification will determine a time when the team will be obliged to finish each lap. (The number of place taken in the qualification round will be equal to the number of minutes that will be withdrawn from 3 hours of the lap. For example, if the team got 3-rd place in the qualification round, it will be obliged to finish each lap 3 minutes before the lap time.).

Only one fisherman is allowed to stay in the boat during each lap. Also a referee will be all time in the boat to control obeying the rules and to communicate with a board of justices.

Five fishes only could be taken during each lap, so every team could take totally not more than 20 fishes. The rest ones should be set free. The fisherman should make a decision immediately after the catch, if the fish is taken for the results or not. If the fish is seriously injured it has to be taken for the results.

źRussian Fishing Endurance 2008╗ will be started with signal flare shot on 13th of September 2008 at 07-00 a.m.


The schedule of the tournament laps is:

I lap from 07-00 a.m. till 10-00 a.m. Captain The result of qualification round is ignored
II lap from 10-00 a.m. till 01-00 p.m. 2nd participant The result of qualification round is not ignored.
III lap from 01-00 p.m. till 04-00 p.m. 3rd participant The result of qualification round is not ignored.
IV lap from 04-00 p.m. till 07-00 a.m. Captain The result of qualification round is not ignored.

During the first lap the team result of qualification round is to be ignored, and the team captain has maximum 3 hours for this lap.
The time of the rest three laps is to be corrected with team result of qualification round, as described above.
The participants of every team should fish in accordance with the schedule of the tournament laps.
The handicap: If the participant caught five fishes that he took for the results but his time is not over, the participant can transfer the remaining part of his time to the next participant of the team. During all 4 laps the handicap is possible.
If the participant will finish his lap after his designated time, the team will be penalized (each extra minute will cut 1% from total result of the team).
The boats are not allowed to approach to each other closer than 50 meters.
The quantity of fishing rods, reels, lures and other fishing tackles in the boat is not limited.
Every time only one fishing rod can be used for fishing. If the participant wants to change the fishing rod, he must stop using the previous one, store it in the boat, and then start use of the another one.
Trolling is possible using one fishing rod only.

During the fishing, the participants of every team should have their own life-jackets. There also will be the opportunity to buy it at the event place.


The results

The result of each tournament lap is the weight of fish that was caught by the participant of the team. There are three coefficients for each of allowed ways of fishing.

  • For fish caught by spinning tackle ľ k=1.0
  • For fish caught by trolling ľ k=0.8.
  • For fish caught by fly fishing ľ k=1.3.


The total result of the team is just a sum of results of all participants in all laps.



The participation

The organizers provide accommodation and three meals a day for competitors. The organizers also provide inflatable motor-and-rowing boats YAMARAN B360, powered by outboard motors YAMAHA F20BMHS for each team. The fuel is also provided by organizers.
The entry fee is US$ 200 per team.



Awards for winners

For the first, second and third place the teams-winners will be awarded with inflatable motor-and-rowing boat Yamaran 360 with outboard motor Yamaha F20BMHS, that they used during the tournament.

Moreover, there will be special prizes for three best teams which provide the best results using the fly fishing tackles only (if there will be five teams at list) and also for competitor who provides the best sole results (the team captain sole results will be fixed according to the IV lap).

The special team prize will be provided for the quickest assembling and preparation of the inflatable motor-and-rowing boat in a qualification round.



For participation in źRussian Fishing Endurance 2008╗ the team should present an application in accordance with a set form to an Organizing committee address. (see section ôRegistrationô).


Press center

The organizers provide accommodation for competitors, information in media, advertising support.
The organizers reserve non-exclusive right to make photo and video records during the tournament, and to use these records in any media reports and advertising, without prior consent of the participants.


  * The budget of event will be more than US$ 60 000.
The organizers provide accommodation for competitors,
information in media, advertising support.
The prize fund will be more than US $20 000.

  Title sponsors are:
Sponsor is:
  • MNEV & Co.

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