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Russian Fishing Endurance — 2007

The first all-Russian 12-hours fishing team competition



The mission of the event is a popularization of sport-fishing as one the most humane ways of relations in society that combines with physical conditioning and spiritual integrity.

Time and place of the event

Russian Fishing Endurance 2007 will be held on 14th-16th of September 2007 on one of the lakes of St.Petersburg region. Exact place of the competition will be announced on 13th of September 2007 at 02-00 p.m. at the home page of the official Russian Fishing Endurance 2007 website - www.fish12.ru.

Arrival date: 14th of September 2007 till 02-00 p.m.
Qualification round date/time: (quickest preparation of inflatable motor-and-rowing boat): 14th of September 2007at 05-00 p.m.
Competitions date/time: 15th of September 2007 from 06-00 a.m. till 06-00 p.m.
Departure date: 16th of September 2007.

The competitions

The competition is to be held between 30 fishing teams on inflatable motor-and-rowing boats, powered by outboard motors. The participants fish by spinning tackle, trolling or fly fishing tackle using imitation lures only. Each team of 3 participants should have one inflatable motor-and-rowing boat, powered by outboard motor and fishing tackles.

The Organizer may rent the boat and the outboard motor to the foreign participant at reasonable rent conditions to be agreed with the interested party.

Durance of competitions is 12 hours. Each participant of the team has 4 hours for fishing but the handicap is possible.

In the boat there are the participant and the referee who controls obeying the rules and connects with board of justices.

Five fishes only could be taken during the 4 hours that participant has for fishing, so each team could take not more than 15 fishes. The rest ones should be set free. The fisherman should make a decision immediately after the catch, if the fish is taken for the results or not. If the fish is seriously injured it has to be taken for the results.


The handicap: If the participant caught five fishes that he took for the results but his time is not over, the participant can give the rest part of his time to the next member of the team.

If the fisherman is late to the finish of his participation, the team will be penalized.

The results of the members collect the total result of the team.

The start position of the team will be put according to the qualification round results that means quickest preparation of inflatable motor-and-rowing boat for fishing.

The boats are not allowed to approach to each other closer than 50 meters.


  ** The budget of event will be more than US$ 40 000. The organizers provide free accommodation for competitors, information in media, advertising support.
The prize fund will be more than US $12 000.

  Title sponsor is PETROSET, group of companies.  
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