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Russian Fishing Endurance — 2007

The first all-Russian 12-hours fishing team competition


Prize for The First place

Inflatable motor-and-rowing boat Yamaran 380 with outboard motor Yamaha F20BMHS


Prize for The Second place


Inflatable motor-and-rowing boat Silverado 36S with outboard motor Yamaha 15FMHS


Prize for The Third place


Inflatable motor-and-rowing boat Nordik 330 with outboard motor
Yamaha 8CMHS


Moreover, there will be special prizes for competitor who provide the best sole results and also for competitor who provide the best results using the fly fishing tackles only.

The special team prize will be provided for the quickest assembling and preparation of the inflatable motor-and-rowing boat in a qualification round.

  ** The budget of event will be more than US$ 40 000. The organizers provide free accommodation for competitors, information in media, advertising support.
The prize fund will be more than US $12 000.

  Title sponsor is PETROSET, group of companies.  
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