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Russian Fishing Endurance — 2007

The first all-Russian 12-hours fishing team competition

There are many different fishing tournaments in Russia today. But, none of them combines at the same time a fishing smartness and team spirit, good luck and rationalism, power of endurance and speed.

The 15th of September 2007 is the day of The Great Battle between 30 fishing teams on inflatable motor-and-rowing boats, powered by outboard motors, on one of the lakes of St.Petersburg region. It will be 12-hours fishing endurance competition for all-Russian glory and also for the biggest prize fund in the country**.



To the moment, the fishing tournaments havent been held all over the World in this way.

The organizers of Russian Fishing Endurance 2007 are: SPORT FISHING magazine, Test- endurance center AV, PETROSET group of companies.


  ** The budget of event will be more than US$ 40 000. The organizers provide free accommodation for competitors, information in media, advertising support.
The prize fund will be more than US $12 000.

  Title sponsor is PETROSET, group of companies.  
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